Movie Panels

Talk about movies, the smart discussion boards

What's this about?

Do you miss the IMDb message boards? What we want is to bring the same thing back, but better.

Movie Panels, is a smart platform for movie lovers to share their views and insights on cinema related topics. Empowered by innovative technology and social engineering like Natural Language Processing and Semantic Web we are able to make message boards a civil and slick experience that focuses on share and ideas exchange.

How will this work?

We will provide essentially the same core functionality you've been offered on the IMDb boards. Not a forum. Not as scattered Reddit entries. Not as some sort of chat alternative. We will keep the format you're used to, with some enhancements. In essence:

  • Each existing movie or person involved in the production of a movie will have a centralized message boards page.
  • You and other users will be able to start individual topics on this boards page (just like the former IMDb message boards).
  • You will be able to tag and search topics in a board. So if you've seen some interesting discussion a couple months ago and want to find it again, you won't have to spend hours to.
  • You will be able to “like” or “dislike” comments as in a typical social network. Topics with predominant dislikes can be optionally hidden.
  • Filters for foul language will be integrated and an option to report undetected expressions will be provided to users.

Why are we doing this?

Because, as you, we miss the boards with all the information they provided. Because, as you, we lost the best place to ask a question about a movie or tell others what we think about it. Because, as you, we would like to have a more civil and organized place to discuss than the one that got so poorly maintained that IMDb decided to close it.

Who are we?

We're a small group of IT engineers and movies enthusiasts. What you see here is just a glimpse of the plans we have. Since getting running something better than a forum involves some costs, a crowdfunding campaign is part of these plans. We'll provide details when we'll launch it, but now we would like to know if you want to keep the boards alive.

What should you do?

For now, just simply tell us that you're interested on getting this alive. We'll let you know when things start moving, and we'll also reserve your username + get the movie you like in the initial boards platform release ;)

Don't forget to check the answer on the last question. There's no commitment in it. We just want to know if you would be interested in a premium version with some extra services. Thanks!